lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

New ISO 3166-1 implementation for Pharo Smalltalk


If your application lists any of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, South Yemen, USSR, Serbia and Montenegro countries then you have an obsolescence problem. The same as if it doesn't known about South Sudan, Jersey or East Timor.

Geopolitical map has changed, countries around the world have dissolved, merged and new ones were created. As of August 2015, ISO web site lists 249 official countries. Unfortunately their list is not made available free of charge, but there are a few reliable places where its lists is available (ex: Wikipedia).

To keed updated regarding world political situation and providing more features, I developed an ISO 3166-1 wrapper to access objects into a ISO3166 model. This is, including only information contained in the ISO standard, not calling codes, not language tags or other data located at external standards. Installation instructions, usage and reference links are provided in this document. Code is in the SmalltalkHub repository. The Metacello Configuration is accessible from the Pharo Configuration Browser, in Pharo 4 (released in 2015), or Pharo catalog in Pharo 5 (to be released in 2016).

Documentation is available in PDF format. Suggestion, fixes and improvements are very welcome. Don’t hesitate to contribute if you want to add new features.


To get a sorted Collection with all ISO-3166 codes:
ISO3166P1 sortedIso3166Codes.
To obtain a Collection of all the countries with all ISO-3166 country names:
ISO3166P1 sortedCountryNames.   " a SortedCollection('Afghanistan' 'Albania' 'Algeria' ... "
Get an ISO3166P1Code of France from 2-letter or 3-letter code:
ISO3166P1 atLetterCode: 'FR'.
ISO3166P1 atLetterCode: 'FRA'.  " an ISO3166P1Code (France) "
Obtain a String with the ISO 3166 code number for Zimbabwe:
ISO3166P1 codeNumberFrom2LetterCode: 'ZW'. "716"
Obtain the three-letter String country code of Niger:
(ISO3166P1 atCountryName: 'Niger') codeThreeLetter. " 'NER' "
(ISO3166P1 atCountryName: 'nIGeR') codeThreeLetter. " 'NER' "
Obtain the two-letter String country code of Burundi:
(ISO3166P1 atCountryName: 'Burundi') codeTwoLetter. " 'BI' "
Obtain a String representing the country code top-level domain of Denmark:
(ISO3166P1 atCountryName: 'Denmark') ccTLD. " '.dk' "