martes, 23 de octubre de 2018

Pharo Script of the Day: SPARQL access to DBPedia

Let's face it, how many times you could have a mix of Natalie Portman with Smalltalk code? :) If you install a little SPARQL wrapper library in Pharo, you could for example access the Natalie's movie list querying DBPedia by writing something like the following code in the SPARQL query language:

DBPediaSearch new
 timeout: 5000;
 query: 'PREFIX dbpedia-owl:  <>
  ?film foaf:name ?filmName .
  ?film dbpedia-owl:starring ?actress .
  ?actress foaf:name ?name.
  FILTER(contains(?name, "Natalie"))
  FILTER(contains(?name, "Portman"))

To actually get only the titles you can use NeoJSON to parse the results:

((((NeoJSONReader fromString: jsonResults) at: #results) at: #bindings) collect: [ : entry | entry at: #filmName ]) 
  collect: [ : movie | movie at: #value ]

And this is how results looks like:

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