jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2018

Pharo Script of the Day: Prefix all class names in a package

The following Pharo script takes a String with the first letters of a package as input (pkgPrefix) and a two-letter String used to prefix all its classes. It creates then a refactoring environment for such packages and renames all its classes with the provided newClassPrefix:

| pkgPrefix newClassPrefix env model |
pkgPrefix := ''.
newClassPrefix := 'NP'.
env := RBBrowserEnvironment new forPackageNames: (RPackage organizer packageNames select: [ : pkgName | (pkgName beginsWith: pkgPrefix) ]).
model := (RBClassModelFactory rbNamespace onEnvironment: env) name: 'ModelName'; yourself.
RBClassRegexRefactoring new
  model: model;
  replace: '^(.*)$' with: newClassPrefix , '$1';

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