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Pharo Script of the Day: Configure R <-> Pharo Smalltalk with RProjectConnector

RProjectConnector is a package to access the R programming language in Pharo. The following script shows how to install and configure it in a clean image, using OSWindows to automatically get the R path installation:

Install OS-Windows

Metacello new 
  baseline: 'OSWindows'; 
  repository: 'github://astares/Pharo-OS-Windows/src'; 

Install RProjectConnector

Gofer it 
    smalltalkhubUser: 'VincentBlondeau' project: 'RProjectConnector';
Copy R required DLL's into the VM directory:
| rPath dlls |
(rPath := (WinRegistry
    queryValue: 'InstallPath'
    fromKey: (WinRegistryKey localMachine queryOpenSubkey: 'Software\\R-core\\R')) allButLast) notNil
        ifTrue: [
            dlls := (rPath asFileReference / 'bin' / 'i386') entries
                    select: [ : entry | entry  extension = 'dll' ]
                    thenDo: [ : dllEntry | 
                        dllEntry asFileReference
                            copyTo: Smalltalk vmDirectory asFileReference / dllEntry basename ] ]. 

Finally, we could test with the Iris data set:

| iris |
iris := 'eval' asREval: {RObject findVar: 'iris'}.
'plot' asREval: {
  (iris at: 'Petal.Length').
  (iris at: 'Petal.Width').
  (#pch -> 21).
  (#xlab -> 'length').
  (#ylab -> 'Width').
  (#bg  ->((iris at: 'Species') collect: [ :value | {'red'. 'green3'. 'blue'} at: value ])).
  (#main -> 'Edgar Anderson''s Iris Data')
iris inspect.

Hope you find it useful.

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