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Smalltalk Survey Report


The content of this post is a survey report of a Smalltalk questionnaire. The purpose of this report is to determine the opinion of developers about Smalltalk related topics. A limit of 10 questions was imposed to the survey because of the SurveyMonkey Free Account limitations.

The survey was anonymous and contained partially structured questions with open-ended questions where participants could add thoughts or missing options. The survey was conducted from 11/10/2014 to 30/10/2014. Only the first week of the survey non-smalltalk forums were privileged. The information below summarize statistics:

Survey Statistics

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Question 1 highlights

  • Smalltalk was not listed as an option in the valid responses.
  • This question was mostly directed to non-smalltalkers.

Question 2 highlights

  • Goal of the question was to determine a general attitude towards the technology.
  • There is a good reception of Smalltalk, although respondents where scarce (22).
  • This question was mostly directed to non-smalltalkers.

Question 3 highlights

  • The idea was the same as Question 2, but focused towards a professional level of choice.
  • This question was directed to both smalltalkers and non-smalltalkers.

Question 4 highlights

  • The question tried to determine the Smalltalk platforms most used.
  • This question was mainly directed to smalltalkers.
  • Unsurprisingly, Pharo, VisualAge and VisualWorks seem to be the most deployable environments.
  • More recent or commercial projects like S8, Smalltalk MT or LSW are almost unknown.
  • The respondents also noted Amber as ocasionally used or prototyped/deployed a product.

Question 5 highlights

  • This question is similar to Question 4, but focused on the current use.
  • Products like VisualSmalltalk and Smalltalk/X, both considered (technically) excellent Smalltalk flavors, keep almost unused.

Question 6 highlights

  • This question addressed four technology aspects: Usability, Speed, Community Health and Overall.
  • There is a notable unsatisfaction at the Community level for most Smalltalk communities.
  • The old fallacy of Smalltalk being slow seems to be almost refuted by a general satisfaction in execution speed.
  • Maybe unexpectedly, the usability award was for VisualSmalltalk.

Question 7 highlights

  • All respondents answered this question.
  • Besides the expected noise towards libraries for common application scenarios, there is a considerable interest in Data Science (Visualization, Mining, etc).
  • Some respondents noted missing options like X-language invocation: SOAP, CORBA, MQ, REST and Good modern library support - easy call outs to native code or library wrappers.


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