viernes, 19 de octubre de 2018

Pharo Script of the Day: A quiz game script to test your Collection wisdom

I want to play a game :) The following script implements an "Is this Sequenceable?" kind of quiz. You are presented with a series of inspectors with method sources in the image, without its class name. And by looking only the source code you have to guess if the method belongs to a SequenceableCollection hierarchy or not. If you miss, you can see the class and its class hierarchy. At the end of the game, you are presenter your score:

| hits n |
hits := 0.
n := 3.
n timesRepeat: [ 
 | mth cls i |
 cls := (Collection withAllSubclasses select: #hasMethods) atRandom.
 mth := cls methodDict atRandom.
 i := GTInspector openOn: mth sourceCode.
 ((self confirm: 'Method belongs to a Sequenceable Collection?') = (cls isKindOf: SequenceableCollection class))
  ifTrue: [ UITheme builder message: 'Good!'. hits := hits + 1 ]
  ifFalse: [ UITheme builder message: 'Method class is ' , cls asString , '. Class hierarchy: ' , (cls allSuperclassesExcluding: Object) asArray asString ].
 i close ].
UITheme builder message: 'Your score: ' , hits asString , ' / ' , n asString.

What could be done to enhance the script? At first it would be really nice to add an option "Cannot determine with the displayed source"... (TBD) actually there are a lot of possibilities, like asking if it has any Critics, or if could be optimized, etc. Enjoy!

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  1. Had to do a small fix for Pharo7: couldn't find #'allSuperclassesExcluding:'