jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Iliad 0.9.4 is out


I have updated the Iliad Web Application Server to load properly in Pharo 4 (good tutorials here and here). All tests passes. As usuall you can load it from the Configuration Browser or by evaluating the expression:
Gofer it
 smalltalkhubUser: 'hernan' project: 'Iliad';


Start the Iliad Web Application Server in port 8888 using the Comanche/Kom Web Server adapter:
IliadKom startOn: 8888.
And point your browser to: http://localhost:8888/ Stop all servers:
IliadKom stop.
If things go bad you can start Iliad in Debug Mode:
IliadKom startDebugOn: 8888.
and enjoy the opened Debugger in the signaler method when an exception is signaled.


  • Use the Grease latest stable version which includes a fix of the #next: method in GRPharoUtf8CodecStream (thanks Benoit Astruc)
  • Added ILTempFile helper methods (#printOn: and #extension).
  • Added ILCaptionElement and ILDatalistElement (thanks Benoit Astruc).
  • Added methods to start Comanche in debug and verbose mode.
  • Changed HttpService name to be more descriptive in the Process list.
  • Removed versions for GemStone and Squeak in ConfigurationOf (will add later after check)
  • Use convertToEncoding: instead of #decode: to patch the Invalid UTF-8 bug.
  • Replaced Pharo 4 deprecated TimeStamp with DateAndTime.
  • Replaced senders of Pharo 4 deprecated #displayString with #asString.
  • Updated acknowledgements windows and text.

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