miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2018

Pharo Script of the Day: Poor's man test runner: Run package tests in Pharo from a script

Ever wondered how to run tests in your package without using the Test Runner UI? You just need to provide the prefix of the package with tests and this piece of code will show you how to do it:

| pkgPrefix pkgSuite result |
pkgPrefix := ''.
pkgSuite := TestSuite named: 'MyApplication Tests'.
(RPackage organizer packageNames 
  select: [ : pkgName | pkgName beginsWith: pkgPrefix ]
  thenCollect: [ : pkgName | (RPackage organizer packageNamed: pkgName) definedClasses ]) flatten
    select: [ : c | (c includesBehavior: TestCase) and: [ c isAbstract not ] ]
    thenCollect: [ : c | TestCase addTestsFor: c name toSuite: pkgSuite ].
result := pkgSuite run.
result printString.

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